Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Passport Holders

47 Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Passport Holders

Looking for visa free countries for Nigeria? In this post, we will show you visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders. Also, we expose countries that require eVisa.

What’s more exciting than a visa-free destination? Not to mention, you can even build your travel history as a Nigerian with these countries.

Currently, Nigeria supports visa-free trips to 46 countries. While some regions require an eVisa or Visa on arrival policy, others offer a straight pass.

So, let’s start with the straight pass categories.

Visa Free Countries for Nigeria – Straight Pass

Nigeria Visa-free destinations include:

  1. Barbados
  2. Benin
  3. Burkina Faso
  4. Cameroon
  5. Cape Verde Islands
  6. Chad
  7. Cook Islands
  8. Cote d’Ivoire
  9. Dominica
  10. Fiji
  11. Ghana
  12. Guinea
  13. Guinea-Bissau
  14. Haiti
  15. Liberia
  16. Mali
  17. Micronesia
  18. Montserrat
  19. Niger
  20. Niue
  21. Senegal
  22. Sierra Leone
  23. St. Kitts and Nevis
  24. The Gambia
  25. Togo
  26. Vanuatu

Now, let’s show you the countries that issue visas on arrival for Nigerians.

Countries That Issue Visa On Arrival for Nigerian Passport Holders

Countries That Issue Visa On Arrival for Nigerian Passport Holders

In most cases, getting a visa on your first arrival is free. However, some may cost a small fee. This means you can travel with just your Nigerian Passport. But you must get a paper visa on arrival.

In essence, It is better to stay prepared and enlightened.

Visa on arrival countries include:

27. Cambodia

28. Comoro Islands

29. Djibouti

30. Ethiopia

31. Iran

32. Kenya

33. Lebanon 

34. Madagascar

35. Maldives

36. Mauritania

37. Mauritius

38. Mozambique

39. Namibia

40. Palau Islands

41. Rwanda

42. Samoa

43. Seychelles

44. Somalia

45. Timor-Leste

46. Tuvalu

47. Uganda

Bonus – 26 Countries That Require eVisa For Nigerians

Countries That Require eVisa For Nigerians

Getting a visa is a frustrating nightmare, but not with an eVisa.

This new method is ace. You can complete the process within minutes. The fun part is you get to apply online.

eVisa is linked to a country’s travel database. Therefore, it can’t be bypassed. You must ensure to follow the necessary guidance to avoid delays.

For that purpose, you can rely on Segun Travels to help you out with your eVisa applications.

Here are the countries that require eVisa applications for Nigerians.

  1. Albania
  2. Antigua and Barbuda
  3. Australia
  4. Bahrain
  5. Colombia
  6. Djibouti
  7. Gabon
  8. Georgia
  9. Kenya
  10. Kyrgyzstan
  11. Lesotho
  12. Malawi
  13. Moldova
  14. Norfolk Island
  15. Pakistan
  16. Qatar
  17. Sao Tome and Principe
  18. Singapore
  19. South Sudan
  20. St. Helena
  21. Suriname
  22. Turkey
  23. United Arab Emirates
  24. Uzbekistan
  25. Zambia
  26. Zimbabwe

Is The Nigeria Passport Important?

Is The Nigeria Passport Important

The Nigerian passport ranks poorly on the Henley Ranking Index. Yet, it is gold and extremely favorable in several African nations.

Besides, it enables you to travel with an identity. It is eligible worldwide. Still, some countries need more credentials for a visit.

Nigeria is in West Africa. It is full of resources. And its landmass is four times the size of the United Kingdom, with thousands of citizens migrating daily. People call it the giant of Africa.

Hosting millions across different tribes and regions, Nigeria experiences a steady increase in population. And many countries are open to migrants.

With the Nigerian passport, you can get a free pass to a few countries. Others may require specific registration and procedures.

Conversely, a reliable travel agency like Segun Travels can help you get visas for countries with stringent visa rules.

Wrap Up

Every country has its visa policy with neighboring regions. What seems useful in one region may be more favorable in another. Today, there are several ways to gain entry into a region.

For example, Nigeria shares a second passport policy with Grenada. The same Granada has an E-2 visa with the US, which allows business-minded people willing to invest $150,000 or above into its economy.

Now, that’s a pass.

Nigeria’s visa-free list consists mostly of African countries. It doesn’t extend to Europe or America. Yet, many Nigerians reside in these parts of the world.

Do you want to start with visa free countries for Nigeria. Simply contact us to get started.


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