How To Travel Out Of Nigeria And Japa

How To Travel Out Of Nigeria And Japa [MUST READ]

Do you want to travel out of Nigeria? Read this post.

More than ever, Nigerians in their thousands are seeking ways to leave the shores of the country every single day. While some seek to leave true legal means, others seek improvisation and other unpopular routes.

The list of reasons Nigerians want to leave the country is quite long and some popular ones include poor education quality and infrastructure, poverty, insecurity, lack of opportunities, just to name a few.

In this post, we will share with you the best ways you can easily travel out of Nigeria legally.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

This is one of the easiest ways to leave Nigeria. Studying abroad, over the years, has become a popular escape route for many Nigerian youths. Schooling abroad not only offers you the opportunity to gain access to world-class quality education, but it also allows you to leave Nigeria quickly on a temporary basis while you process your residency abroad.

To study abroad you can either foot your own bill (if you have the means) or you can apply for scholarships in your country of choice. Once you gain admission abroad, the paperwork becomes easier as you already have a legitimate claim to leave for your destination.

Apply for Jobs Abroad

As hard as this might look, landing a job abroad is another sure way to leave Nigeria. Countries like Japan and Canada who are in high demand for skilled labour have made job roles an alternative route to leaving Nigeria.

All you need is the right skillset and internationally recognized certificates to back it up. If you are a health worker or you have come tech-related skills, then you are in a good position of leaving Nigeria by landing a job abroad. There are job websites that you can use to this effect.

Once you land a job abroad that requires relocation, your company helps you with the necessary work document that will fast-track your relocation and you will be out of Nigeria before you know it.

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Try out Visa Lottery

Visa lottery schemes provide another way for you to leave Nigeria. Aside from the fact that your chances of being picked could be slim, the visa lottery is one of the smoothest ways of leaving Nigeria abroad since it typically costs little to nothing.

Annually, countries like the United States of America and Canada bring in designated numbers of immigrants through lottery systems. If you are lucky to be picked, then it will be an all-expense paid ride to dreamland for you.

Apply for Volunteer Programs Abroad

Apply for Volunteer Programs Abroad

Volunteering with an International organization, especially NGOs, provide you with another great way to leave Nigeria. Solidarity International, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, and several agencies of the United Nations offer young people the opportunity to gain international exposure through paid and unpaid volunteer missions.

All you need to do is to apply to any of these organizations whenever they have volunteer positions that fit your skillset.

Although volunteer positions have a set timeframe, you can build relevant experience on one and use that to get better opportunities once you are abroad. You can also apply for other volunteer positions when your current program is coming to an end.

Stay With a Relative

If you already have a family member abroad and such a relative is willing to take responsibility for your coming, then you have a high chance of leaving Nigeria on that ground. Having relatives abroad gives the host country confidence that you will be duly catered for upon arrival.


We have shared with you some of the best ways to easily travel out of Nigeria to greener pastures. Feel free to explore the options and choose whichever works for you.


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