I Want To Leave Nigeria - 5 Common Reasons Why You Should

I Want To Leave Nigeria – 5 Common Reasons Why You Should

‘I want to leave Nigeria’ statement is most common nowadays. In this post, I will show you 5 reasons why you should leave Nigeria (make way or japa).

A low standard of living, unfavorable economic policies, incessant strikes crippling the Nigerian education system, unstable power supply, poor health facilities are some of the main reasons Nigerians are leaving the country in droves. 

If you’re yet to make up your mind to leave Nigeria as a youth, the following will give you reasons to consider leaving the country.

1. CBN’s recent ban on Cryptocurrency transactions

Cryptocurrency trading is a major income source for Nigerians as statistics show that Nigeria is the second-largest cryptocurrency trader worldwide, trading over $500 million of Bitcoin. 

However, with the recent ban on Cryptocurrency transactions as announced by the Central Bank of Nigeria, it leaves the younger Nigerian population whose major income is from cryptocurrency trading with no option but to leave Nigeria for a cryptocurrency-friendly country.

2. Increased insecurity

Nigeria has witnessed a steady increase in insecurity since 2015 with an increasing rise in daily terrorist attacks in the North-Eastern parts of Nigeria by Boko Haram,’ Banditry in the North-west, Fulani cattle herders vs. farmers clash in the middle-belt leaving houses razed, and thousands of farmers killed, kidnapping and armed attacks in the southwest and south-east, political uprisings in the south-east, and clamor for a sovereign Biafra nation in the south-eastern parts of the country.

We hear news of hundreds of school children being kidnapped from schools, majorly in the Northern parts of Nigeria. This increased insecurity level should make you want to leave Nigeria for a more peaceful and stable nation.

3. Incessant strikes in Nigeria’s tertiary institution

Nigeria’s university teachers union (ASUU) recently resumed work after a whole year of ASUU strike, which covered a greater part of 2020. This is one of the constant strike actions plaguing the Nigerian tertiary education system, which has a long-term adverse effect of producing half-baked graduates who spent six years or more for a three-year course in foreign universities. 

Attending a private university may not be an option due to high tuition costs, making private universities unaffordable for a greater Nigerian populace. This leaves you with no option but to desire quality education with a stable academic calendar in high-ranking tertiary institutions outside Nigeria.

4. High unemployment rate

Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate in the world. Nigerian graduates churned out from the country’s teeming tertiary institutions are left with no option but to compete for the few employment positions available, thus breeding corruption and job racketeering. 

Taking the self-employment route is no easy task either. You will be faced with myriads of challenges ranging from bad government policies and corrupt officials looking to rip you off to epileptic power supply crippling businesses and contributing to the increased cost of doing business in Nigeria.

5. Poor healthcare 

Nigerians contribute massively to the US, UK, and India’s earnings from medical tourism with the constant exodus of its political and business class populace seeking premium health care worldwide in countries with top notch healthcare facilities for its citizens. 

This is attributed majorly to the crippled Nigerian healthcare sector, which has left the average Nigerians in need of good healthcare facilities and medical attention. The country is also witnessing a massive exodus of its health workers seeking greener pastures due to poor remuneration and funding of its healthcare workers and facilities. 

Recent rumors have it that Aso Rock’s national hospital receives yearly funding of 4.5 billion Naira, yet it lacks syringes and pain relief drugs in its pharmacy.

How Do I Leave Nigeria ASAP?

That’s it! the 5 most common reasons for the ‘I want to leave Nigeria’ statement

There are thousand-and-one reasons to leave Nigeria’s shores to seek greener pastures in countries where the system works. 

Although they say ‘home sweet home,’ would you rather remain home in a deteriorating economy rife with insecurities or seek greener pastures and return someday to ‘home sweet home’ richer, more educated, and exposed?

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