How To Prepare For Your First Flight

How To Prepare For Your First Flight

It can be confusing to prepare for your first flight. 

Rather than going through the hustles of booking your first flight and hotel reservations, you can make an arrangement with a reliable travel agency like Segun Travels to handle that on your behalf. 

In this post, you will learn how to prepare for your first flight.

How To Prepare For Your First Flight

1. Book a flight ticket 

One of the easiest ways to book a flight ticket is through a reliable travel agency like Segun Travels. You get a call and an email as soon as your flight ticket is booked. You can respond to the email and choose to link your flight ticket to your phone or print it out days before your due flight date.

To book a flight, you can visit the official webpage of Segun Travels, or reach out via dedicated helplines or email support for prompt attention.

2. Have a Valid Photo ID

If you are flying locally, you will need a valid proof of identification. A government-issued ID, Drivers license, or International passport will suffice as a valid means of identification. 

Suppose you are traveling on an international flight. In that case, you will need a valid passport plus a travel visa and or other required documents, which usually takes a couple of weeks for processing. Be sure to check with your country of destination for the documents needed before getting on board a flight.

3. Travel lightly 

When traveling, pack lightly, bearing in mind your essential needs, which should all fit into a bag and a backpack to avoid being charged luggage fees. Most airlines charges about $25 for your first luggage and up to $100 for additional luggage. You will also be charged additional fees if your bag weighs above 50lbs or 22.67kg. 

Before packing, you should check with your airline’s website. Most airlines require that pastes, liquids, gels, etc. need to be in 100ml containers, which should fit into a transparent bag.

4. No African time

Make arrangements on how to get to the airport, and get to the airport ahead of time.

If you’re traveling locally, you can check the airport’s official webpage for parking information. For an international flight, you can have a relative drive you to the airport, use a cab or ride-hailing service. 

Be sure to keep to time and get to the airport 2 hours ahead of your departure time to avoid the stress of getting to the airport late.

5. Check-in and go through security checks

Have your flight confirmation number at hand and proceed to a self-serving kiosk for a luggage tag. If you did not get a luggage tag, an airline official would call you to the desk to issue a tag. Have your ID and ticket at hand to show to the airline ticket. 

Going through the security involves you showing the TSA agent your passport ID and boarding pass for verification. After this, you will have to drop your shoes, clear bags of liquids, and pastes in the bin on the conveyor belt for scanning. This process can last for 20 or more minutes, depending on the airport.

6. Go through your gate and board your flight

Check the electronic boards to get updated information about your flight and gate number and follow the signs to get to your gate to board your flight. Before boarding, make sure to check and wait for your flight number to be called. You will get more information about this process from gate agents present.

7. Find your seat and enjoy the flight

Locate your seat and enjoy the flight. You can use the overhead bin for hand luggage or call the flight attendant’s attention to it. You will be served food and drinks, but you can come on board with your food or purchase it at the airport.

8. Get ready to land and get off the plane

When you’re close to landing, the flight crew will make announcements to prepare you for landing. Stay in your seat after landing until the seatbelt light goes off. Get off the plane when it is your turn to do so, and get your baggage.

Bottom Line

Be sure to check out your destination in advance, and also let SegunTravels and Tours handle your flight bookings and hotel reservations ahead of time to prevent being stranded.

Hope you now know how to prepare for your first flight?

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