How To Book A Cheap International Flight In Nigeria

How To Book A Cheap International Flight In Nigeria

Do you want to travel abroad from Nigeria? In this article, I will show you how to book cheap international flight in Nigeria.

Traveling outside of Nigeria as a first-timer can be daunting. Getting a passport, booking an international flight, reserving accommodation, and the need to learn a new language can be overwhelming.

Booking an international flight and a hotel reservation can be easier done with a reputable travel agency like SegunTravels.

The following steps will guide you through what you need to book a cheap international flight from Nigeria.

How To Book A Cheap International Flight In Nigeria

1. Get an International Passport

You will need an international passport to book an international flight to travel out of the country. If you do not have one, you should visit the passport office spread in various parts of the country. Alternatively, you can contact us for help in getting the Nigerian International passport.

2. Apply for a visa to your country of destination

To apply for a visa, you can check out the visa requirements for your destination online. You can also visit the country’s high commission to make inquiries. Contact Segun Travels for more information on the visa application process.

3. Check for International flights to your destination

If your preferred airline carrier does not operate an international flight to your destination, check out other airlines. To make it easier, check out Segun Travels for a list of all international flight plans to an international flight to your destination. You can also let Segun Travels handle your flight bookings and hotel reservations. All you will need to do is print out your flight itinerary and ticket and head off to the international airport.

What Do You Need To Book A Cheap International Flight In Nigeria?

You will need to provide the following details to book a cheap international flight from Nigeria.

  1. Preferred international airline (at Segun Travels, there’s inexhaustible airlines and international flight schedules you can choose from)
  2. Travel date (departure time)
  3. Departure and arrival cities 
  4. Your details as it appears on your Passport (should include your name as it is written on your Passport, passport number, and date of birth)
  5. Provide extra information such as insurance, or extra luggage
  6. Provide a valid email address
  7. Select your cabin class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First Class, or Suites)
  8. Select your preferred payment method
  9. Check your mail inbox for your flight ticket.
  10. Print out your flight ticket.

How To Pay For An International Flight In Nigeria

You can use any of the payment methods below to book your international flight ticket.

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Online payment using credit or debit card
  3. POS
  4. Cash payment at Segun Travels 

Criteria For Boarding An International Flight In Nigeria

To get onboard an international flight at the international airport terminal, you will need a valid international passport, a travel visa to your country of destination, and your flight ticket.

The COVID-19 travel regulations require that you have a negative COVID-19 PCR test, and you will be required to take another test as soon as you’re landing at the airport in your destination country.

Also, you’re required to wear your facemask all through the duration of your journey. If you’re traveling with a pet, you will have to get approval from the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine service before boarding an international flight from Nigeria.


Keep in touch with Segun Travels via our official webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles to get the latest updates on international and local flights in Nigeria, flight discounts, etc. You can also walk into our office for travel and tour services. 


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