Best Countries To Study And Work In 2021

Best Countries To Study And Work In 2021

In this post, I will show you the best countries to study and work in.

Studying abroad, you may not be fortunate enough to get a full scholarship covering tuition and living expenses. This is often a big challenge faced by students who intend to study abroad without a full scholarship. 

Therefore, you might consider choosing a country that lets you work to meet up with tuition fees and living expenses while studying.

Countries like Italy, the US, China, and Costa Rica study and work a near impossibility. Hence, this post focuses on countries that let you work a minimum of 20 hours weekly while studying.

Best Countries To Study And Work

This list is arranged in no particular order.

1. Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the countries where students can work part-time for 20 hours weekly to cover tuition and living costs. 

As an international student in Cyprus, you can earn a minimum of 500 Euros monthly while studying. Part-time work is allowed, but only after a six months settlement period.

2. Canada

Canada is one of the most popular student destinations for its flexible work-study program. Like other countries that permit part-time work of up to 20 hours weekly, Canada also permits full-time 40 hours weekly work during break. 

As a foreign student, you can apply for an internship or volunteer in areas relevant to your career as one option of polishing your CV.

3. Sweden

Aside from its beautiful weather, landscapes, and top-ranking universities, Sweden is also a top student destination because of its flexible work permit. 

As an international student, all you need is a Student visa which also covers up as a residence permit, and you’re free to work as many hours as you decide weekly. 

It may not be easy getting work as a non-Swedish speaker; hence, you have to spend the first six months to one year learning the Swedish language to let you fit into the Swedish culture and land yourself a good part-time job.

4. France 

Romantic France is also a top-students destination because the French authorities made it legal for international students to work 969 hours yearly, equivalent to 60% of legal yearly work hours. 

Therefore, with your student residence permit, you can work up to 19 hours weekly and earn a tidy sum enough to cover your tuition and living expenses if you’re not on a full-time scholarship.

5. Australia

Your Australian student visa permits you to work 20 hours weekly and full time during a major break. Postgraduate research students can work full-time while working on a research topic or be enrolled as Ph.D. students. 

Family members can also work and study in Australia if you have included them in your student visa application process. The same rule applies even if you’re studying for your master’s or Ph.D. degree. 

Bottom Line 

Working as an international student not only meets your tuition needs and living expenses but also serves as an avenue to get relevant work experience and acquire new skills. Additionally, it provides an avenue to learn about your host country’s culture, interact more, and explore key landmarks while studying. 

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