Christmas holiday in Badagry

7 Days Christmas Holiday In Badagry Lagos State

Spend this Christmas Holiday in Badagry, Lagos State!

It’s the holiday season and there’s no better time for you to unwind than Christmas! To help you enjoy this wonderful time of the year, Segun Travels and Tours Ltd brings you an irresistible offer: A 7 Days Christmas Tour in Badagry starting at just #130K. 

From 22nd to 28th December we have planned non-stop fun activities and visits to historical sites around the beautiful town of Badagry. 

You will get to find out about the great town of Badagry, her authentic vibrant culture, and uniqueness, and explore her top attractions. You will also get to meet new people, connect with them and make new friends.

Looking at all you’ve been through this year, you surely deserve to get away and treat yourself to a vacation filled with cheer, entertainment, and fun. This is why we at Segun Travels and Tours Ltd have decided to relieve you by planning a fun-filled vacation that will leave you wanting more. 

You don’t want to limit your happiness this season by staying at home to see the same faces you’ve seen all year. So join the train!

Christmas Tour Lagos State Nigeria

In case you are wondering, Badagry is a Local Government Area in Lagos State, Nigeria. She is renowned for housing the first two-storey building in Nigeria which was built in Marina, Badagry, in 1845. Her beach resorts, the Alapa Of Apa Palace, the Oba Akran Palace, Agbalata Market, Badagry cinema, and other historical sites are a must-visit. 

Still haven’t convinced you? Do you know that tours are known to positively engage people and improve productivity in them? Now you do and that’s why you have to take advantage of our quality offer starting at just #130k.

The fee covers your accommodation in an air-conditioned hotel room, daily feeding of three square meals, transportation, souvenirs, refreshment, body massage, shopping, movie tickets, and lots more. 

And even better, there’s a special offer for couples and families, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t want to come alone.

special offer for couples and families

Our special offer includes:

  • Regular: #130k for singles, #200k for couples, and #320k for a family of 4.
  • VIP: #180K for singles, #300K for couples, and #560k for a family of 4.
  • VVIP: #250K for singles, #400K for couples, and #600k for a family of 4.

And you get to visit Wawu Palace (Cannon Guns), Mobee Family Slave Relics Museum, Seriki Abass Slave Barracon, Vlekete Slave Market, the First Church in Nigeria, the First Two Storey Building in Nigeria, The Agia Tree Monument, St. Thomas Anglican Primary School (the First Primary School), the Sato Drum Statue, Badagry Cinema, Agbalata Market (1st International Market), a Beach Resort, Alapa Of Apa Kingdom Palace, Oba Akran Palace, Oba Ajara-Topa Kingdom Palace, the Point Of No Return (Slave Route), and so many other places.

You don’t want to get told. To see these sites for yourself, Book Now for your Christmas holiday in Badagry! 

For bookings and more inquiry: 

Call us on 08026313464, 08063130287 and 07063622209 

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Or visit our website,

We promise you 7 days of an unforgettable experience!

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